Joan has been enriched by the arts her entire life. Born in Vancouver, BC, she was raised in an artistic family. Her parents encouraged her ability, as her mother is a self taught artist and her siblings either paint or are musically accomplished.

She grew up in California and attended schools in the San Francisco Bay area. Winning awards for art excellence started early. She graduated from UCLA in Fine Arts with a design emphasis. Further studies continued at the Art Academy in San Francisco and Visual Arts in New York. Exploring all mediums has been an on going interest.

Her conceptual and design development absorbed her for over twenty years in the graphic design and advertising industry which led her from San Francisco to New York, to Los Angeles and Vancouver. Her awards in this field are numerous.

Joan’s painting is truly “unreal”. More than a gratuitous description, it best explains her style of creating images that are subtly balanced between abstraction and representation. While traditional training often influences artists towards realism, Joan is drawn to the theory and technique found in the contemporary art world. She admires artists in the Cubism period along with contemporary abstract expressionists. While layering vibrant colour and fluid, motion-filled strokes, she strives to depict the sensation of a moment in time, leaving more for the viewer to experience.


When painting, I feel that the power of the suggestive is greater than a statement of reality. The imagery I place in my pictures is purely a suggestion towards creating the sensation of a moment in time. This is intended to capture the viewer with an identifiable image. What they experience after the initial sensation is a journey of their own.

The colour, the layering of paint, the motion of the strokes, all build toward the recollection of a moment in time. This leads to the question – is it the suggested image or the execution that really touches or communicates with another? This I leave for the viewer to decide and ideally, participate with feelings ranging from intrigue to nostalgia.

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